The 2016 Commonweal Apprentice Company Presents:

Scotland Road

By Jeffrey Hatcher

March 17 – April 3, 2016

Commonweal's 2015-16 Apprentice Company

L-R: Elizabeth Dunn, David Wasserman, Abbie Cathcart, Ashley Willingham, Kami Spaulding

In 1995, a woman in old fashioned dress is rescued from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. When asked where she came from, her answer is only one word: Titanic. In a quest for the truth of her real identity, she’s whisked away to an isolated facility for a week-long interrogation that reveals more questions than answers. Much like the iceberg that sealed the fate of that great ship, plenty lurks beneath the surface in this exciting roller coaster ride by our friend Jeffrey Hatcher, which the Minneapolis Star Tribune called “an intellectual tour de force and superbly crafted mystery drama.”



Check out our Scotland Road Trailer: