Commonweal Theatre's production of When We Dead Awaken

When We Dead Awaken

By Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher

April 14 – June 17, 2017

Sculptor Arnold Rubek has it all: fame, fortune, a beautiful young wife. Yet his work has descended into mediocrity, and his life has sunk into a pit of boredom. A chance encounter with his muse – the model for his masterpiece and the only woman he ever loved – ignites in him the passions he has long stifled. Art and life play out their conflict as Rubek searches for the man he once was, the artist his muse once inspired. Subtitled “A Dramatic Epilogue,” Ibsen’s final play is also the last in our series of adaptations by playwright Jeffrey Hatcher.


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Photos from When We Dead Awaken:

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