Common Roots Campaign

jars_11Since the Commonweal opened its new home in 2007, it has experienced EXPLOSIVE GROWTH. Our total audience swelled by 50% in just six years (15,000 in 2006 to 22,000 in 2012). We also set new season pass sales records in each of those years and continued to grow our Million Dollar Club. Meanwhile, we gained international recognition for our Ibsen program, added a very successful apprentice program, expanded the technical quality of our productions exponentially, and marked the milestones of our 100th production and our 25th anniversary season.

However, with that expansion came significant challenges: we did not increase our full-time staff to meet the new demands, our financial plans to retire the mortgage debt by this time ran into the 2008 recession, and we continue to hear requests from audience members to expand our programming.

The Common Roots Campaign is a $1.1 million effort to meet these challenges and assure a sustainable future for the Commonweal. The gifts we’ve raised so far have already allowed us to pay off half our mortgage principal, decreasing debt service from $120,000 to $38,000 annually. We will use the balance of the funding to:

  • Add two more full-time members to the resident company to handle the increased work load; and
  • Launch a three-year experiment with a second stage series of shorter-run plays during the height of our season.

These steps will put us on a secure footing for decades to come, allowing us to continue giving our audience both the suburb-quality work and personal attention that are the hallmarks of the Commonweal experience.

One-time gifts or three-year pledges to Common Roots are gratefully accepted. For more information or to make a donation, contact Scott Dixon at (507) 467-2905 x214.