Happy Holidays from the Commonweal!

Commonweal Theatre ensemble 2016

Here we all are, dressed up for the gala we threw in honor of Hal Cropp’s 25th season with the Commonweal. We clean up pretty good, eh?

Our 2016 Season Poem

Each year, longtime Commonweal resident ensemble member David Hennessey pens a paean in honor of the year’s work, referencing each of the plays we produced in the season. Here is David’s 2016 poem:

Friends and Relations, 2016

Valentine’s started it when we revived
Mullingar, and saw pent-up romance thrive:
Connections renewed
From stubborn old feud.
In Scotland Road, apprentices deep dived

Through yarns of one who survived disaster,
With special links to a guy called Astor.
Then Ibsen’s vision
Of politicians
Who scurry for power. A taskmaster

Was Madame Flo’s wish. Cosme played for her,
Despite misgivings, and then would defer
To misguided views
Of a tone-deaf muse.
His Souvenir was discerning the pure

Notes his friend heard in her head. The story
Next was swashbuckling honor and glory,
Great adventures spun
On swords “All for One!”
In Pride’s we saw a new category

Of champion: a woman conquered seas,
Stirred by her lover to swim and break free.
But still she could not
Split off from the lot
Of her kin to wed outside her degree.

We closed with the Scrooge we all love to hate
Before he changes and adds to his plate
Great heaps of good cheer
To last all the year.
So we end Hal’s 25th season’s slate

Still mindful of what makes our lives great: you,
Our audience, our neighbors, and friends too.
We hope we’re a home
Where you’re free to roam
Through stories to find Common Good renewed.


Happy Holidays from all of us at the Commonweal: