Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

The Commonweal Theatre Company

Each year, longtime Commonweal resident ensemble member David Hennessey pens a paean in honor of the year’s work, referencing each of the plays we produced in the season. Here is David’s 2019 poem:

               Season Thirty-One: We Did a Ton!

This was the year we had nine different shows.
First, in a word taught it’s absurd to clothe
Dazed grief in mere speech.
Then, comic relief:
In our Wealhouse Mist, Maude the Broad just knows

She’s spotted a lost precious work of art.
Next, Sherlocks three all claimed to be the part
In asylum cells.
Who’s real? Don’t tell!
Boeing’s Bernard juggled girls’ airline charts,

Laughingly impossible to keep straight.
In Starcatcher, Molly held global fates
In her gifted hands…
And made Peter Pan!
More myth: Iliad’s poet, weary with weight

Of eons, sang of senseless war. We toured
Stones to four sites, spoofing movie allure.
Ladies Victorian
Were future historians
In On the Verge. With chords and rhythms sure

Our Sanders folk, radio sensations,
Gave us country Christmas celebrations.
And behind the scenes,
We did find the means,
Somehow, to support all these creations.

Our season tix set new records, we met
Fundraising goals, and worked with massive sets.
Our most busy year
Ends now with a cheer
To all our patrons—our greatest asset!

—David Hennessey