The Root River Anthology—Download

Inspired by the stage plays Our Town, Under Milk Wood, Spoon River Anthology, and a story featured on NPR’s This American Life, the action of The Root River Anthology takes place after an epic flood. Set in a fictional town along Minnesota’s Root River, one of the remaining undamaged structures is the community’s lone public phone booth that washed up into the yard of a local farmer. What ensues are conversations in the phone booth that connect the living, the dead, and those in between. Told with humor, engaging storytelling, and a tinge of heartache, The Root River Anthology will introduce a wide range of lively characters who may just remind you of the importance of staying connected to one another.

Root River Anthology by Catie Glynn

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Narrator — Josiah Laubenstein
Bert Knutson — Hal Cropp
Nan Knutson — Betti Battocletti
Tanner Sayers — David Hennessey
The Laidlaw Girls:
Tessa —
Jaclyn June Johnson
Liv — Lizzy Andretta
Evie — Kayla Nelson
Father Ed Sullivan — Jeremy van Meter
Tyler Banks — Jerome Yorke
Caroline Hovland — Jaclyn June Johnson
Joyce Knutson Eversley — Adrienne Sweeney

Bev Carlsen — Lizzy Andretta
Agnes Hill/Nell Hill —
Elizabeth Dunn
Paulie Hassler — Ben Gorman
Jessie Landis — Rachel Kuhnle
Karl Henderson — Brandt Roberts
Heddy Graves — Catherine Glynn
Marguerite ”Maggie” O’Connor — Kayla Nelson
Noah Kendall — Jeremy van Meter
Lena Alfsdattir Moller — Hilary Williams
Sigrid Alfsdattir — Hilary Williams
Astrid Alfsdattir Falk — Hilary Williams
Britt Moller — Hilary Williams
Mateo Aritza — Eric Carranza

Catherine Glynn and A.R.T. gratefully wish to thank the following people for their vital contributions to The Root River Anthology: Ruth Furan, Julie & Isabelle Eckstrom, Blake Norby, Jerome Yorke Jr., Elizabeth Dunn, Eric Carranza, Paul Hamann, and Maren A. Johnson of the Torgerson Center for Nordic Studies at Luther College.

Take along this brief guide (click the image) with you as you wander through Bluff Country listening to The Root River Anthology. It offers highlights and hidden features of this area gleaned from the locals who love it. Our Favorite Haunts (.pdf file)

Our Favorite Haunts